Plants and herbs attributed to Air

What types of plants are attributed to Air? Once you read this article, you won’t need an almanac to find the Airy herbs in your garden or spice cabinet.

Elemental correspondences are a factor in a lot of herbal magick. The assignment of plants and herbs to Earth, Air, Water, Fire (or a combination of these elements) can be traced back to medieval medicine. In pre-modern times, diseases were thought to be due to an imbalance in the four humours, ruled by the four elements. By ingesting or applying plants related to the proper element, herbal healers could attempt to bring the body into balance.

The practice of medicine has (fortunately) advanced. But elemental correspondences are still used by those who work with the energy of plants. Earthy, Airy, Fiery or Watery classes of plants all have distinct properties and uses in magick.

Read the full article here.

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