The magick of invisibility

_nvisibility is one of the classic folkloric powers of the Witch. Along with riding on broomsticks and eating little children, the Witches of legend are able to become invisible at will. They can travel unseen and make all kinds of mischief under the cloak of magick.

In the Middle Ages, invisibility potions and powders began to be recorded in magickal grimoires. Many of these concoctions involved complicated rituals and toxic ingredients. Other recipes, like soaking poppy seeds in wine, probably didn’t have much effect besides making the magician feel really good!

Because spirits were believed to move about unseen, many old invisibility spells involve calling on spirits to veil oneself from the human world. The magician might recite an incantation or make a talisman to invoke the power of invisibility. Invisibility spells would usually remain active for a certain amount of time, allowing the magician to spy on people or go places undetected before the effects faded.

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