Exploring your psychic gifts: Which divination method is right for you?

Divination is one of the most-practiced branches of magick. Even non-magickal folks will sometimes flip a coin to make a decision, or crack open a fortune cookie with more than idle curiosity. As a student of the magickal arts, it’s likely that you dabbled in divination as one of your first forays into the Mysteries. Skillful divination puts you in touch with both your inner knowing and external wisdom that will help you along your path.

But many beginners ask the question, Where do I start? How do I navigate the maze of stones and bones and cards and tea leaves and other options confronting me? In this article, I’ll discuss five common methods of divination: Pendulums, scrying, Runes, Tarot, and freestyle reading. I’ll then put on my Professor Trelawney glasses and peer into your soul to recommend the best method for you.

Read the full article here.

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