No time for witch wars: How I learned to stop worrying and get on with the magick

There’s a widespread assumption that being involved in a Pagan community means signing up for a whole lot of drama. And unfortunately, there’s often some ugly reality underlying the belief that Pagan groups are ruled by discord. Disputes over leadership, differences of belief, and just plain old nasty gossip are some of the unwelcome distractions that lead to the all-out conflicts known as witch wars.

The term “witch wars” brings to mind dramatic, wizardly battles with wands clashing and sparks flying. Yes, hexes and psychic attacks are sometimes a component of witches’ feuds. But it doesn’t take black magick to damage a community or cause lasting harm to someone’s happiness. Quite ordinary bad behavior is enough. And because Pagans are a religious minority, our failings to get along will always be sensationalized and scrutinized more harshly than other religious groups. (Remember the high-profile dispute between two Salem, Massachusetts shop owners that made the news for years?)

Read the full article here.

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