Magickal properties of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle graces many a garden with its nectary fragrance and cheery blooms of ivory, pink, and yellow. Honeysuckle is said to attract friends, bring in luck, and sustain love in the home where it grows. Honeysuckle is especially liked by Faeries, and is essential if you wish to court their presence in your home. Like the Fae themselves, Honeysuckle thrives in liminal spaces, preferring fences and half-shade.

If you eat the blossoms from a Honeysuckle bush, always leave a few of the best ones for the Fae. Be careful leaving a garden window open at night, because dreams of love are said to travel on Honeysuckle-scented air.

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About Michelle Gruben

I'm a Pagan author and blogger and the owner of the metaphysical shop Grove and Grotto.

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