The Faery dozen: 12 herbs for Faery gardens, offerings, and magick

In the hidden land of Faery, travelers say, there are marvelous herbs and flowers completely unknown in the human world. Brilliant colors, intoxicating scents, and magickal plants that bring joy, visions, or sleep. And yet, over the years, fairies seem to have taken a liking to some of the more common plants right here on Earth.

This list of twelve fairy favorites is drawn mainly from folklore and literature about fairies (as well as a touch of personal experience). Since fairies live close to nature, many plants and herbs are associated with the Fae—but these ones are particularly liked by the Fair Folk. Some are traditional Faery offerings, planted or bestowed in order to win their favor. Some are considered portal herbs that can aid you in making connections with the Fae. Others are used in spells and formulas for magick of the Faery kind—especially love magick, glamours, and psychic insight.

Read the full article here.

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