Pagan and metaphysical stores in Dallas / Fort Worth

Howdy, y’all! Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to shop for magickal supplies in DFW, presented by a local Witch and native Dallasite.

For the past few years, I’ve heard people remark that Dallas doesn’t have any really great metaphysical shops—something on par with, say, Houston’s Magick Cauldron or Austin’s Nature’s Treasures. A friend likes to joke that his favorite Dallas magick shop is The Witchery. (For non-locals: The Witchery is in Galveston—a five-hour drive.)

No, Dallas is not an ideal destination for the metaphysical shopper. There are­­ dozens of stores, but they’re reeeaaalllyyy spread out. (Going to every shop on this list, by the shortest route, would require a journey of close to 200 miles!)

Check out the list here.

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