How to spot a fake Tarot deck (and why it matters)

If you search for Tarot online, you’ve probably noticed a new trend in the marketplace: E-commerce listings for decks at insanely low prices. Often shipping from overseas, these cheapo decks dominate search results on popular shopping sites. Yep, the tsunami of imported knockoffs has finally (and predictably) swamped Tarot-town.

Some buyers of pirated decks know they’re buying a fake copy and just don’t give a damn. But reviews and social media pages are full of regretful shoppers who thought they were getting a bargain on a genuine deck. Fortunately, if you choose, you can easily avoid buying a counterfeit Tarot deck. In this article, we’ll look at ways to sniff out fake Tarot (and why you should care).

Read the full article here.

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