Book Review: The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies

What if you could peek into a world of enduring magick, wisdom, and beauty? What if you could visit fairyland and return safely to being a human Witch, forever changed and empowered? The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies is an invitation to anyone who’s ever been drawn to the fairy dance. Popular witchcraft author Skye Alexander has just come out with a thorough and accessible guide to connecting with the magick of the fae.

The Book

Part encyclopedia, part grimoire, this book is packed with information. (It’s subtitled Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae—and while it’s laughable that any volume about this mysterious topic could be considered “complete,” the book is thorough enough that a little overselling can be forgiven.) It’s divided into two major sections, which together cover the theory and practice of fairy magick.

Read the full review here.

About Michelle Gruben

I'm a Pagan author and blogger and the owner of the metaphysical shop Grove and Grotto.

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