Mightier Than the Swords: How to Deal with a Bad Tarot Reading

If you’re an avid reader of Tarot cards, then you know that no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, not all readings will be positive. Sometimes, the cards will show something that you weren’t expecting—something negative. But what should you do if this happens? How can you make sense of a negative Tarot reading? […]

3 (Big) Wishes for 2023

The fake tree is glittering, the stockings are hung. It’s time to reflect on the end of the season. Because we are approaching both the Winter Solstice and January 1, this post is one part Yule wish list, one part New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been thinking about what I would wish for the Pagan community […]

Just a Witch Shop: How I Made Humility the Cornerstone of My Business

It’s a wise person who can say, “I don’t know”—or better yet, “Let’s look that up.” But in the world of Witchcraft, there’s a lot that’s unknown (or unknowable) and not so many reliable ways to look things up. As a result, our community too often falls back on easy answers, bad science, flashy titles, clichés, and […]

Book Review: The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies

What if you could peek into a world of enduring magick, wisdom, and beauty? What if you could visit fairyland and return safely to being a human Witch, forever changed and empowered? The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies is an invitation to anyone who’s ever been drawn to the fairy dance. Popular witchcraft author Skye Alexander has […]

Honoring Pagan elders: Five simple ways to show your love

It’s no secret that we live in a youth-oriented society. There’s the Maiden, and the Mother, and…who’s that old biddy over there? As Pagans, we tend talk a lot about respecting the elder folks among us. But our actions often fall short. For the health of our communities, and out of kindness to those who […]

How to spot a fake Tarot deck (and why it matters)

If you search for Tarot online, you’ve probably noticed a new trend in the marketplace: E-commerce listings for decks at insanely low prices. Often shipping from overseas, these cheapo decks dominate search results on popular shopping sites. Yep, the tsunami of imported knockoffs has finally (and predictably) swamped Tarot-town. Some buyers of pirated decks know […]

The witch’s home bar: 6 occult-inspired bottles to charm your guests

Everyone knows that witches throw the best parties…but what do you pour when witches gather? No dry-ice Halloween cocktails or gummy snakes or blood-red punch on this list. We’re interested in the real top-shelf mojo: Bottles with a witchy heritage, the patronage of a Pagan deity, or mind-bending botanicals. Whether you’re stocking your bar for […]

Deck review: Otherkin Tarot

In the follow-up to 2016’s excellent Linestrider Tarot, deck creator Siolo Thompson is still striding lines. This time, the barrier being teetered upon is the dividing line between traditional Tarot and avant-garde art deck. Flipping through the Otherkin Tarot is like taking a trip through the looking glass. Every familiar element is countered by something […]

Event Review: Mystic South 2019

Howdy! It’s me, your intrepid Pagan traveler with some notes from my first Mystic South event. Mystic South, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a new-ish Pagan conference that happens every summer in Atlanta. Mystic South is a hotel-based weekend event and claims about 450 attendees. The event brings together Pagan authors, performers, […]

Psychic empathy: Understanding and developing your empathic gifts

Empathy: It may be the most common of all psychic experiences—so common that it often seems perfectly ordinary. Have you ever “caught” a bad mood from a coworker as if it were a cold? Have you ever been swept up in the excitement of a sporting event, yelling and cheering, even though you didn’t really […]

Discover your Tarot birth card in the Major Arcana

If you have a birthday, then you have a birth card in the Tarot. (Actually, you have three—but this article focuses on the birth cards in the Major Arcana.) Learning your birth card(s) can provide insights about your personality and life’s path and enhance any readings you perform for yourself. The twelve birth cards (the […]

Pagan and metaphysical stores in Dallas / Fort Worth

Howdy, y’all! Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to shop for magickal supplies in DFW, presented by a local Witch and native Dallasite. For the past few years, I’ve heard people remark that Dallas doesn’t have any really great metaphysical shops—something on par with, say, Houston’s Magick Cauldron or Austin’s Nature’s Treasures. A friend likes […]

Seven witchcraft shortcuts that won’t mess up your magick

Haste makes waste. Garbage in, garbage out. In witchcraft, as in life, taking too many shortcuts often leads to underwhelming results. However, fast magick doesn’t necessarily have to be sloppy magick. Few of us have time for hours-long rituals, but we can still find ways to fit ­­spiritual practice into our busy lives. Here are […]

Online witchcraft schools: What you should know

Thinking about deepening your witchcraft studies by attending school? Welcome to the future—it’s pretty amazing here! One of the blessings of the information age is that it is easier than ever to connect with a teacher, especially in arcane subject matter that was once available only to a select few. Most witchcraft schools exist primarily […]

All about wand woods: Magick and meaning from Alder to Zebrawood

Welcome to the world of woods! As a wand-maker (or wand purchaser), you may wish to know more about the different woods that lend their character to your magickal tools. This list is alphabetical and includes many of the most common wand woods. The woods on this list are drawn from three broad categories: The […]

100+ Pagan or Witch names and their meanings

Looking for the perfect Pagan or witch name? Check out our list of over 100 magickal names drawn from the realms of the occult. Whether it’s for yourself, an animal familiar, or a fictional character, have fun perusing these delightfully witchy monikers. Christian names have usually honored Biblical figures and saints, but Pagans prefer to […]

Five hard truths about magick

Of the many laws of magick, there’s a few that you’ll never see on a T-shirt or affirmation board. Here, we’ll cover some of the tough stuff: The harsh, the unsettling, the ambiguous facts of living an enchanted life. This article was inspired by some recent discussions of false positivity—that is, the habitual repetition of […]

Deck review: Rackham Tarot

One of the most anticipated new Tarot decks of 2019, the Rackham Tarot is based on the artwork of the beloved illustrator Arthur Rackham. Rackham’s fantasy worlds are populated with elves and goblins, golden-haired princesses and sly old crones. His artwork appeals to occultists because of his skill in evoking the enchantment (and danger) of […]

Magickal properties of Burdock

Burdock has a magickal reputation that belies its humble, earthy appearance. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, Burdock has been an ingredient in medicinal and brewing recipes since at least medieval times. (It was used as a bittering agent in beer before the widespread adoption of hops.) Eventually, this persistent Old World herb spread […]

Getting a psychic reading: An insider’s guide

I sense…there’s something you’re searching for. It’s becoming clearer… I’ve got it! You’re curious about getting a psychic reading! The topic of psychic readings is one that is shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. In this article, we’ll delve into what goes on behind that lacy dragonfly curtain at your local witchy emporium. We’ll take a […]

Red candle magick

Human beings, it seems, have an irresistible attraction to the color red. Rubies are the most precious of all gems, wearing red has been shown to increase attractiveness in dating studies, and marketing experts tell us that red-hued ads get more clicks than any other color. It should come as no surprise that red candles […]