3 (Big) Wishes for 2023

The fake tree is glittering, the stockings are hung. It’s time to reflect on the end of the season. Because we are approaching both the Winter Solstice and January 1, this post is one part Yule wish list, one part New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been thinking about what I would wish for the Pagan community […]

Just a Witch Shop: How I Made Humility the Cornerstone of My Business

It’s a wise person who can say, “I don’t know”—or better yet, “Let’s look that up.” But in the world of Witchcraft, there’s a lot that’s unknown (or unknowable) and not so many reliable ways to look things up. As a result, our community too often falls back on easy answers, bad science, flashy titles, clichés, and […]

How to spot a fake Tarot deck (and why it matters)

If you search for Tarot online, you’ve probably noticed a new trend in the marketplace: E-commerce listings for decks at insanely low prices. Often shipping from overseas, these cheapo decks dominate search results on popular shopping sites. Yep, the tsunami of imported knockoffs has finally (and predictably) swamped Tarot-town. Some buyers of pirated decks know […]

Event Review: Mystic South 2019

Howdy! It’s me, your intrepid Pagan traveler with some notes from my first Mystic South event. Mystic South, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a new-ish Pagan conference that happens every summer in Atlanta. Mystic South is a hotel-based weekend event and claims about 450 attendees. The event brings together Pagan authors, performers, […]

Pagan and metaphysical stores in Dallas / Fort Worth

Howdy, y’all! Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to shop for magickal supplies in DFW, presented by a local Witch and native Dallasite. For the past few years, I’ve heard people remark that Dallas doesn’t have any really great metaphysical shops—something on par with, say, Houston’s Magick Cauldron or Austin’s Nature’s Treasures. A friend likes […]

Online witchcraft schools: What you should know

Thinking about deepening your witchcraft studies by attending school? Welcome to the future—it’s pretty amazing here! One of the blessings of the information age is that it is easier than ever to connect with a teacher, especially in arcane subject matter that was once available only to a select few. Most witchcraft schools exist primarily […]

Getting a psychic reading: An insider’s guide

I sense…there’s something you’re searching for. It’s becoming clearer… I’ve got it! You’re curious about getting a psychic reading! The topic of psychic readings is one that is shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. In this article, we’ll delve into what goes on behind that lacy dragonfly curtain at your local witchy emporium. We’ll take a […]

Selling magick without selling your soul

There’s not many places you can go to shop for a love spell these days. Or a haunted doll. Or a candle that will make your neighbors move out. Purveyors of magickal services have been driven into the back alleys of the internet, never to be seen again on reputable shopping sites. eBay has banned […]

Money magick that works

Everybody is interested in money. If you don’t have it, then you want it. And if you do have it, you could probably always stand to have a little more. After love magick, money magick is the most common spellcraft topic that people ask about. This isn’t the kind of article where I’ll tell you […]

Collecting out-of-print Tarot decks

Every Tarot collector wants that one deck. The 1980s deck that you first learned to read with (and haven’t seen since). The indie Kickstarter deck you should have bought when you had the chance. The deck that everyone raves about that’s long overdue for a reprint. As a lifelong collector (and occasional dealer) of Tarot, […]

The wisdom of sloth: Embracing the lesser-known spirit animals

“Are you going to want the wolf refill package?” she asks me over the phone. I’m buying an assortment of pewter animal charms for my shop. “It’s by far our best-seller.” I can believe it. Wolves are superstars. I imagine the disappointment of my customers as they rifle through a bin for their cherished wolf […]

A village of Witches: Witchcraft’s supply and demand problem

The fable of the “village witch” is immensely appealing to many Witches and Pagans. Whether it’s historically accurate or not, we relish the idea of the lone magick worker whose gifts are supported by their local community. Yet the popularity of alternative spirituality has led to a classic supply-and-demand problem, in which spiritual services are […]