Representing the Elements on a Pagan altar

Connecting to the powers of the Four Elements is a foundational practice for many Pagans. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water move through us and inspire us. As ideas, they help us to make sense of and to describe a complex world. Even the simplest of Pagan altars usually have some representation of the Elements. Some […]

Plants and herbs attributed to Earth

As we wrap up a four-part series on elemental correspondences, it’s time to consider the herbs of Earth. You may notice that not as many plants are attributed to Earth as to Air, Fire, and Water. This is because herbal magick as a whole is ruled by Earth. In a sense, all herbs are Earth […]

Plants and herbs attributed to Fire

Herbs, spices and incenses with the energy of Fire are a powerful addition to your magick. Fire helps to cleanse and consecrate, banish and protect. Fire is also the element of confidence and fast action–a crucial ingredient in a lot of spellwork. In writing about the elemental rulership of herbs, I’ve tried not just to […]

Plant and herbs attributed to Water

Magickal books often assign herbs and plants to one or more of the four classical elements. But have you ever wondered why herbs are attributed to one element or another? Water herbs revolve around healing, sensuality, and psychism. They tend to be useful for many types of workings. In case your herbal almanac is not […]

Plants and herbs attributed to Air

What types of plants are attributed to Air? Once you read this article, you won’t need an almanac to find the Airy herbs in your garden or spice cabinet. Elemental correspondences are a factor in a lot of herbal magick. The assignment of plants and herbs to Earth, Air, Water, Fire (or a combination of […]