Honoring Pagan elders: Five simple ways to show your love

It’s no secret that we live in a youth-oriented society. There’s the Maiden, and the Mother, and…who’s that old biddy over there? As Pagans, we tend talk a lot about respecting the elder folks among us. But our actions often fall short. For the health of our communities, and out of kindness to those who […]

The witch’s home bar: 6 occult-inspired bottles to charm your guests

Everyone knows that witches throw the best parties…but what do you pour when witches gather? No dry-ice Halloween cocktails or gummy snakes or blood-red punch on this list. We’re interested in the real top-shelf mojo: Bottles with a witchy heritage, the patronage of a Pagan deity, or mind-bending botanicals. Whether you’re stocking your bar for […]

Event Review: Mystic South 2019

Howdy! It’s me, your intrepid Pagan traveler with some notes from my first Mystic South event. Mystic South, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a new-ish Pagan conference that happens every summer in Atlanta. Mystic South is a hotel-based weekend event and claims about 450 attendees. The event brings together Pagan authors, performers, […]

What to expect at a Pagan festival

Thinking about attending a Pagan festival? Great! Festivals are a fabulous way to meet like-minded friends, nurture the mind and spirit, and be part of a vibrant, celebratory community. But there’s a lot to consider before you pitch your tent and go bounding toward the revel fire. This article will help you sidestep some of […]

The eight Sabbats: Witch’s holidays

Modern Pagans celebrate eight major holidays throughout the year, known as Sabbats. They are based on pre-Christian customs related to the movement of the sun. Most are related to the Celtic agricultural festivals that have given them their names. Of course, now we know that the sun doesn’t actually move around the earth. And lots […]

Simple Solstice rituals

In just a few short weeks, the Summer Solstice will be upon us. The longest day of the year is a special occasion for Wiccans and Pagans, who mark our calendar by the movement of the sun and moon. Soon, Pagans all across the Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the peak of the sun’s light. […]

What’s in your chalice? Ceremonial drinks for every season

Passing the cup is a time-honored rite that’s part of many a Pagan gathering. The act of blessing and sharing a beverage is certainly more important than what’s in the vessel—but that doesn’t mean the contents should be overlooked entirely. Celebrating with a seasonal beverage is a great way to honor the turning of the […]

How to use songs and chants in Pagan ritual

Group singing can truly elevate a public ritual—raising energy, setting the mood, and bringing people together in a profound way. But it can also be a major pitfall. Most people get nervous about singing in public, and a bad musical number can wreck an otherwise well-planned ritual. The decision to include music in your Pagan […]

What to bring to a Pagan festival: Your other packing list

From late Spring to Fall, Pagan camping season is in full swing. It’s a time to meet up with old friends, share music and ritual, and enjoy some time with Nature. If you’re like us, annual campouts with kindred souls may just be the highlight of the year. Any gathering is better when you’re well-prepared. […]