Mightier Than the Swords: How to Deal with a Bad Tarot Reading

If you’re an avid reader of Tarot cards, then you know that no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, not all readings will be positive. Sometimes, the cards will show something that you weren’t expecting—something negative. But what should you do if this happens? How can you make sense of a negative Tarot reading? […]

How to spot a fake Tarot deck (and why it matters)

If you search for Tarot online, you’ve probably noticed a new trend in the marketplace: E-commerce listings for decks at insanely low prices. Often shipping from overseas, these cheapo decks dominate search results on popular shopping sites. Yep, the tsunami of imported knockoffs has finally (and predictably) swamped Tarot-town. Some buyers of pirated decks know […]

Deck review: Otherkin Tarot

In the follow-up to 2016’s excellent Linestrider Tarot, deck creator Siolo Thompson is still striding lines. This time, the barrier being teetered upon is the dividing line between traditional Tarot and avant-garde art deck. Flipping through the Otherkin Tarot is like taking a trip through the looking glass. Every familiar element is countered by something […]

Discover your Tarot birth card in the Major Arcana

If you have a birthday, then you have a birth card in the Tarot. (Actually, you have three—but this article focuses on the birth cards in the Major Arcana.) Learning your birth card(s) can provide insights about your personality and life’s path and enhance any readings you perform for yourself. The twelve birth cards (the […]

Seven witchcraft shortcuts that won’t mess up your magick

Haste makes waste. Garbage in, garbage out. In witchcraft, as in life, taking too many shortcuts often leads to underwhelming results. However, fast magick doesn’t necessarily have to be sloppy magick. Few of us have time for hours-long rituals, but we can still find ways to fit ­­spiritual practice into our busy lives. Here are […]

Deck review: Rackham Tarot

One of the most anticipated new Tarot decks of 2019, the Rackham Tarot is based on the artwork of the beloved illustrator Arthur Rackham. Rackham’s fantasy worlds are populated with elves and goblins, golden-haired princesses and sly old crones. His artwork appeals to occultists because of his skill in evoking the enchantment (and danger) of […]

Tarot beginner? Straight answers to 9 newbie questions about the cards

Interested in getting started with Tarot? You’re in for a remarkable journey. When used intentionally, Tarot has the power to teach you about yourself, reveal hidden knowledge, and totally change the way you look at the world. As an avowed Tarot nerd, I sometimes forget what it’s like to be brand new to the cards. […]

The best Tarot decks for beginners

Picking out a first Tarot deck shouldn’t be a monumental task. And yet, with so many different decks on the market today, lots of beginners are intimidated by the sheer number of options. It’s true that you can never have too many decks. But it’s also true that you have to start somewhere. I’ve cut […]

Collecting out-of-print Tarot decks

Every Tarot collector wants that one deck. The 1980s deck that you first learned to read with (and haven’t seen since). The indie Kickstarter deck you should have bought when you had the chance. The deck that everyone raves about that’s long overdue for a reprint. As a lifelong collector (and occasional dealer) of Tarot, […]

Exploring your psychic gifts: Which divination method is right for you?

Divination is one of the most-practiced branches of magick. Even non-magickal folks will sometimes flip a coin to make a decision, or crack open a fortune cookie with more than idle curiosity. As a student of the magickal arts, it’s likely that you dabbled in divination as one of your first forays into the Mysteries. […]

Tarot myths debunked: Nine rules of Tarot you can (mostly) ignore

As soon as you delve into the world of Tarot, you encounter a bunch of do-this, don’t-do-that warnings and prescriptions about how to use the cards. (Why, it’s almost as if we were dealing with something magical, not just 78 pictures on cardstock!) Some of these superstitions undoubtedly have a grain of truth in them, […]