Weird Pagan words

Like any other subculture, Pagans have our own special vocabulary. Many of them just aren’t found in Wicca 101 books or infographics. Fortunately, I write down unfamiliar words and Google them later so you don’t have to.

This glossary covers some of the more obscure words and phrases in the Pagan lexicon. The ones that might leave you scratching your head if you’d never heard them before (or never before in a Pagan context).

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of Pagan and magickal terminology—just a quick rundown of some of the weirdest Pagan words and phrases zipping around out there.

Adept – A person who—through study, practice, or natural gifts—is extremely proficient at a magickal system. A master. Adepts are rumored to actually exist, but anyone who claims to be one probably isn’t.

Aspect – A form, facet, or persona of a deity. As a verb, “to aspect” means to channel or invoke the deity into oneself.

Asperge – To purify a space by sprinkling water. Often performed before ritual. The bundle of herbs used for this purpose is called an asperger.

Check out the full list here.

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